There is no extra charge for bicycle layaway.
A non-refundable deposit is required.
We cannot accept credit cards over the phone.

We cannot hold a bicycle without a non-refundable deposit. However, if you have decided exactly which bicycle you want and are on your way to pick it up or lay it away, we can hold it for one (1) hour if you call ahead.

For a bicycle that is not a surprise gift, we do not offer refunds, credits, transfers, or exchanges. Please be sure of the exact make, model, size, and color before laying away a bicycle for yourself. If you are not sure, wait. Simply put, if you change your mind in any way, you lose your deposit. We strongly recommend test riding.

Sale priced bicycles and special order bicycles require a larger deposit and are final and non-returnable regardless of whether they are a surprise gift.

For a regular-stock, regular-priced bicycle that is a surprise gift, we offer one (1) transfer or exchange without any restocking or other additional charge. We do not offer complete refunds. We will be happy to switch to any other bicycle that is either in stock or one that we can order.
If you need to make a transfer of your deposit to another bicycle before picking it up, bring in all receipts. We cannot make changes to your layaway over the phone.
If you need to exchange a surprise gift bicycle after pickup please follow these steps:
* The bicycle must not be used, ridden or modified.
* We must see the bicycle back within one (1) week of pickup. This means that a Christmas gift bicycle must be exchanged before 5pm on New Years Eve.
* Bring all receipts and owner's manuals with the bicycle.
* Obviously, bring the rider.

What all of this means when selecting a bicycle for a surprise gift:
* You want to make the best, informed selection the first time. Check out our suggestions on
measuring the rider.
* We recommend that you not have us make any additions, changes, or modifications to the bicycle as it may make the bicycle non-exchangeable, or you may incur charges for removing or transferring accessories.
* Both Freewheelin and our suppliers are likely to have poor availability after Christmas. Nonetheless, we do not offer refunds.

For Christmas gifts, we recommend that you plan on picking up your bicycle a week before Christmas Day. If the weather is bad the day that you first planned to pick up your bicycle, you still have a few days to re-schedule.

Preparing your vehicle for pickup:
* Empty the trunk, or back of your truck.
* Bring a blanket or other padding.
* Check to see if your car has a rear seat that folds down into the passenger compartment.
* We can tie down your trunk lid with our limitless supply of old inner tubes.